Trading Competition Review

Another BullRush trading competition has come to an end so let’s review the winning trades so you can see what’s working right now.
The May Mayhem competition started with 1244 traders and ran for 5 days between the 27th and 31st of May.
We had a very exciting leaderboard with a lot of updates over the week long duration of the competition that saw @Taran321 finish in first place with a crazy 140% return.
Rounding out the top five were @Davic with 100% return.
@Messi with a 61% return, @Ken two with the 20% return and @EzeUgonna with a 19% return.

Let’s dive in and see what @Taran321 did to return such a large percentage over a short duration.
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BullRush Trading Competition May Winner Trading Dashboard

Some high level stats looks like they traded mostly gold XAUUSD and they had an 81.82% win rate, which is just astronomical.

And if we click on the portal, we can see roughly how many trades they did, which they did about 220 trades with such a high percent return, which they just were on point during that period of time.

And it looks like most of their trading, if not all of their trading was in gold a little bit in the NASDAQ and some of the indices, but mostly gold is where their large winners occurred over the period of time.

So let’s dig into some of these bigger trades and just sort of see what they did during that period of time.

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