How to trade commodities like gold, brent, silver in trading competitions

Strategies for Commodity Trading in 2024

How to Use Commodities like Gold, Brent and Silver in Trading Competitions?

Real-life commodity trading relies heavily on fundamental analysis (we discuss the difference between technical and fundamental analysis here) and ‘successful commodity traders almost always specialize in trading either a single market, such as cotton, or a small market segment, such as precious metals or grain Futures.’ as CFI discusses in their commodity trading article.

While good commodity trading strategies might be a life-long commitment, commodities are extremely volatile and ‘scalpable’ in the short run, making them prime trading assets in competitions.

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The opposite is also true, if you are trading commodities in real life and want to try your skills in other areas without the (very real) risk of losing a ton of money…joining a fantasy trading competition can be the way to go.
So let’s discuss commodity trading strategies working in 2024.

2024 Commodity Trading Blueprint

As we approach mid 2024, commodity trading continues to bring opportunities to make money in the world of finance. Critical commodities such as oil (WTI and Brent) and precious metals (gold and silver) are excellent ‘barometers’ for the market sentiment to geopolitical conflicts and economic fluctuations.

Market Volatility in Oil and Precious Metals

Think of WTI and Brent as your global storm barometers. All oil prices, not the least of which are WTI and Brent, are under significant risk for several reasons, including geopolitical turmoil, supply chain disruptions, and global energy policy changes. For instance, in 2024, the price of Brent Crude Oil stands at $84.08 a barrel, and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is at $79.98 per barrel. 

Some factors that have put pressure on prices include Russian reductions in oil exports and increased risks in the Red Sea area. Along with that, gold and silver are some of the most valued financial safe havens. 

Examples of commodities available to trade inside the fantasy trading competition platform BullRush
Examples of commodities available to trade inside the fantasy trading competition platform BullRush

Gold and Silver: Your Go-To in Economic Roller Coasters

Whenever there is any uncertainty that the economy might face or a spike in inflation, the first thing that happens is that investors rush toward these metals, which shoots up their prices. 

In fact, gold touched near $2,294.50 per troy ounce, derived from huge geopolitical tensions and speculations around an interest rate cut by the U.S. Federal Reserve. It, therefore, confirms the strength of gold in times of uncertainty. 

Silver, projected to be around $29.18 by the end of the quarter, also confirms similar dynamics that have formed from geopolitical issues to economic indicators and the heavy weight of industrial demand. 

Still with us? Remember, knowledge is power. Let’s proceed.

Geopolitical Influence on Commodity Prices

Critical to this is the tangled interaction between geopolitical stability and commodity prices. Middle East events can disrupt oil supply lines and lead to a spurt in prices.

Political strife in regions that produce significant quantities of various precious metals can lead to curtailment and increased prices for those, too. On the other hand, market stabilization on resolutions of tensions generally reduces prices as supply uncertainties recede.

Commodity Trading: Using Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics have become an indispensable tool for the modern commodity trader. Through analytical predictive models and machine learning tools, potential market responses to changes in government policy, technological advancements, and shifts in economic conditions can be forecast. 

Such tools help to prepare strategic trades by understanding potential price movements in commodities such as oil and precious metals.

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Oil and Precious Metals Trading Strategies 2024

Diversification within Commodity Categories:

This is diversification for your defense against market volatility. For example, diversify within the oil and precious metals markets because doing so may help mitigate risks. You invest across the oil supply chain and consider the various metal assets within the precious metals market.

Hedging Strategies:

Options and Futures can be used to manage commodity price volatility risks appropriately. For example, if traders anticipate increased oil prices because of geopolitical unrest, they should naturally look to fix current prices with a futures contract. Real-time data monitoring: Staying abreast of real-time data and news is very important for making informed decisions as soon as possible in response to market changes.

Sustainability Considerations:

Precious metals should be considered for ethical mining and sustainability in the consumer market. A transition from the market’s views of green energy sources will also influence oil prices and demand.

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The Trader's Watchlist for 2024

As traders fine-tune strategies for the coming year, they should monitor economic indicators that could impact oil and precious metals. 

Those mean central bank policies, inflation rates, geopolitical developments, and technological changes in the energy and mining industries. Oil and metals trading in 2024 requires a great insight into global market dynamics, geopolitics, and how various economic factors interact. 

Proper application of advanced analytics—bringing due diligence in reviewing data and a vigilant eye on international events—will arm traders with what it takes to successfully steer through the commodity markets and put them in the position of success in the uncertain financial world.

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As 2024 continues to unfold, closely watch for economic indicators, central bank actions, inflation, and how the energy and mining sectors are affected by technological changes. These insights will carry one through the complex web of commodity trading.

We post a new blog every Tuesday, packed with game-changing trading tips—so watch this space!

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