Inside BullRush’s First Trading Competition: Maiden Voyage

Our very first showdown, the Maiden Voyage Trading Competition, has just wrapped up, and wow, what a blast! A whopping 237 traders from different walks of life joined the fun, each eager to flex their trading muscles and play to win.

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The Rules of the Game 

Here’s the scoop: every trader started with a cool $100K in virtual cash, with the power to push up to 100x leverage. Talk about high stakes! But hey, we kept a tight reign with strict rules like an 8% daily and 12% total drawdown limit to keep everyone on their toes. It’s all about balancing gutsy moves with intelligent play, right?

Engagement or Bust! 

No hit-and-run strategies here; our traders had to show up and trade on at least two separate days to prove they were in it to win it. This rule ensured that only the most engaged and adaptable traders had a shot at the top spot.

Prizes! 🏆

1st Place: A sleek $100 Gift Card

2nd Place: $50 Gift Card

3rd Place: $25 Gift Card

These prizes weren’t just about padding wallets—they brought serious bragging rights within the BullRush community, sparking a frenzy of friendly competition. Who doesn’t love a bit of fame and glory?

Lessons Learned: Trading Smarter, Not Harder 

Whether they were rookies or seasoned vets, every trader got the chance to level up their game. The Maiden Voyage was like a masterclass in strategy and risk management, with our leaderboard spotlighting those who maneuvered their way to success with the smartest plays.

More Than a Trading Competition

What really revved up the energy was the electric community spirit. This wasn’t just a competition but a gathering of strategy sharers, tip traders, and the occasional friendly jab. This camaraderie makes BullRush more than just a platform; it’s a herd of go-getters ready to charge into trading greatness together.

Looking Ahead: The Best is Yet to Come! 

This is just the beginning, bulls. We’re already rounding up more competitions, each crafted to challenge you, sharpen your strategies, and give you a stage to show off your trading chops. The Maiden Voyage set the bar high, and we’re all fired up to see how much higher the BullRush community can take it!

Ready to play? Register for all our upcoming competitions here, including our Mayhem contest, which kicks off on May 27. 


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Who Won?

GOLDEN123 was the winner of our first-ever BullRush Trading Competition.

Spoiler alert: They won trading only gold. 

Trading Triumphs and More Adventures Await! 

The Maiden Voyage wasn’t just successful; it was a landmark event that set the stage for future contests. It proved that BullRush is the Place to be if you want to learn, connect, and succeed in trading.

So, keep those horns sharp, and let’s get ready to charge through the markets together. 

Remember, every day is an opportunity to trade up and conquer!

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